Jay Kyburz

This is the personal site of Jay Kyburz, an independent game developer with a passion for building online multiplayer games.

Jays first game as an indie was a huge hit in 2010. Neptune's Pride received many awards including Web Game of the Year from PC Gamer, runner up to Best Independent Game from Edge Magazine.

Jay is working on a new version of Neptune's Pride right now that's more Social, more Mobile, and HTML5 from top to bottom.

Visit Iron Helmet Games to read more about Neptune's Pride and Jays other self published games.

Bioshock: Arcadia

In the past Jay has worked as a Project Lead, Producer and Artists at Irrational Games and 2K Games on big budget titles in the Unreal Engine.

Read More about Bioshock, Swat, Tribes, and Freedom Force.

Programmer for Hire

If you are looking for a a developer to help you with your HTML5, Mobile App, or Google App Engine project, please don't hesitate to get in touch.